Kettlebells are the #1 training tool EVERY home gym needs.

Working over 600 muscles in just a few minutes, this versatile piece of equipment will build muscle, supercharge your metabolism and develop raw strength like nothing else!

Design Specifications

• Weight: 12kgs
• Handle diameter: 32mm
• Superior Iron used (no scrap)
• Smooth finish & free of sharp edges that tear the skin
• Powder coating to enhance gripping and chalking
• Single cast which makes this tool virtually unbreakable
• Colour coded for easy recognition

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It is widely believed that kettlebells date back to the 1700’s in Russia where they were used at markets as a counter balance to weigh crop and other goods when trading and bartering.

Legend has it that these farmers found themselves becoming stronger lifting these weights and began using them to show off their feats of strength at festivals.

These competitions would draw large crowds and kettlebell competitions have become part of the Russian culture ever since.

Additional information

Weight12 kg

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