Why Kettlebell Workshops are Better than Kettlebell Courses Online

Online kettlebell courses are becoming very popular. The ability to sit at home and relax on the couch while obtaining CEC's are taking more students from practical learning and putting them online.

The internet revolution has made our lives easier and more convenient. So, it only seems natural we would utilize online learning for our fitness CEC courses… or should we?

While it might seem natural to change our learning style to keep up with the latest technological breakthroughs, there are many reasons why I believe face-to-face workshops are far superior to online CEC kettlebell courses.


No Interpersonal Skill Development

Online kettlebell courses do not require face-to-face interaction with other personal trainers and teachers. Instead, assignments and videos are posted online and can be completed without ever attending a gym or classroom.

While this might sound nice, it removes the interpersonal skills personal trainers need to develop coaching clients in a face-to-face environment.

While in a workshop, trainers may be required to speak their mind. They are often asked to perform exercises and drills in front of teachers and other trainers. They will work in groups with a large variety of fitness levels, injuries and technical experience.

Online kettlebell courses require none of that.

Gym owners and personal training studios often tell graduating trainers that they wish they had learned more interpersonal skills during their personal training certification.

These skills are crucial to the success of every personal trainer, traditional style fitness courses teach these skills.

Now, if gym owners are telling pt certification providers they wish these coaching skills were more evident, then obviously there is room for lot's of improvement.

Kettlebell certification online is not the answer.

In fact, online courses will not only hurt a personal trainers ability to speak in a group environment, they will also reduce a trainers ability to troubleshoot poor technique and to fix clients bad form.

When trainers are required to interact with other trainers, they develop their confidence and ability to speak with others in a professional setting. It gives them the chance to hone their skills and get instant feedback from the teacher.

Because online kettlebell certifications cannot do this, it's value to a trainers development is significantly lower.


Less Learning Development

So, why would a personal trainer sign up for an online fitness course?

Well… one reason is because they do not have to attend an actual workshop or class and can learn remotely from home.

Another reason, which is much less spoken of, is the fact that personal trainers don't have to study or memorise training material like in traditional courses.

Personal trainers tasking an online test don't need to worrry about getting caught cheating. Trainers can use a textbook or simply Google the answers whenever they want, is this really the best way to learn?

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Choose the Smarter Choice

As technology evolves many industries must evolve with them. However, education is not one of them.

It just doesn’t make sense to pay for an online course when you receive so much more value and skills with face-to-face workshops and training.

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