Kettlebell Training is Becoming The #1 Training Method EVERY Trainer NEEDS To Have in Their Training Tool Box

Discover How To Train With Kettlebells Like a Pro Even if You've Never Trained with One Before

Become an Internationally Recognised Kettlebell Instructor With The FFC Kettlebell Certification

The Australian fitness industry is extremely competitive!

Every year there are more personal trainers, more gyms, more functional training studios and more fitness boot camps setting up shop in your local area.

With all these new fitness businesses chasing the same size pool of customers, standing out in this very crowded marketplace is tough!

Every fitness professional needs to ask themselves…

  • Why should my prospects choose to train with me over every other option available to them?
  • What can I offer my clients that my competition can’t (or won’t)?
  • How can I blow away my competition and become the #1 fitness expert in my local area?

The answer?

A new set of training skills that will make you stand head and shoulders above your competition making you the ONLY solution to help your prospects achieve the health and fitness results they desire.

Ignite Exciting New Business Opportunities…

Kettlebell training is one of the hottest markets in the fitness industry right now.

The fantastic fitness results this highly versatile piece of equipment delivers make kettlebells a training tool that EVERY personal trainer MUST have in their tool box.

Professional athletes, celebrities, police personnel and military special forces use kettlebells because of unquestionable gains in strength and fitness.

Working over 600 muscles in just a few minutes, your clients will melt away more body fat, build more strength and increase their metabolism more than with any other training method.

In fact, many of our students who have incorporated kettlebell training into their training facilities have seen their membership base and incomes explode.


Great results = happy clients that will train with you for longer + refer friends and family, which in turn leads to a predictable, stable personal training business that you can scale and grow.

With kettlebell training rapidly growing in popularity in so many areas of the health and fitness industry, there obviously comes many exciting new business opportunities for a qualified kettlebell instructor.

The Most In-Depth Kettlebell Course In Australia

Here's What You'll Learn During Your Level 1 Kettlebell Certification

  • You will master the fundamentals of kettlebell training ensuring maximum results are achieved in minimal time.
  • You will become proficient in the Swing, Squat, Snatch, Clean, Deadlift, High Pull, Military Press, Windmill and Turkish Get-up.
  • You will learn the progressions and regressions of each exercise so you can coach your clients safely and skillfully.
  • You will discover the most common mistakes learners make and the cues and drills to fix them quickly.
  • You will learn how to create fun, effective kettlebell programs that deliver results and keep your clients engaged and coming back for more.
  • You will get immediate access to the membership area with 100’s of kettlebell exercises and great workouts you can implement into your training business right away. No more boring workouts!
  • You will be accredited with 10 CEC points with Fitness Australia and 10 CEC points with REPS.

Here's What You'll Learn During Your Level 2 Kettlebell Certification

  • You will learn many advanced variations of the exercises taught during the level 1 certification.
  • You will learn Double kettlebell exercises including the Double Swing, Double Clean and Double Military Press.
  • You will become proficient in the most technical of kettlebell exercises, including the Clean and Jerk.
  • You will learn a variety of drills to coach each of the advanced exercises and cues to correct your client’s technique.
  • You will get immediate access to the membership area with 100’s of kettlebell exercises and great workouts you can implement into your training business right away. No more boring workouts!
  • You will learn advanced training methods that will enable you to earn more money and work less hours by leveraging your time and skill with group fitness training.
  • You will set yourself apart from your competition with a unique skill set in one of the fitness industry’s hottest training methods – kettlebell training.
  • You will be accredited with 10 CEC points with Fitness Australia and 10 CEC points with REPS.

Listen To What Some Of Our Attendees Have To Say…


“The content was amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the course, it was way more than I expected.”



Sandra“I wanted a course that I could use anywhere in the world and I came across FFC and I think that it was the perfect solution…. I knew that this was the right course for me. You have (students) everywhere.. Australia, in America, all over Europe, so for me the course is very trustworthy”



Tom“Since it’s an international course it’s better because I’m going to be travelling”




“I didn’t think I would learn that much in short period of time… it was well explained, well taught, I had a really good experience.”



Paul“I chose FFC because all the other companies are driven to recruiting as many people as they can… this course is run by personal trainers & has a much more personal touch”



troy1“The course was excellent and tutors were consummate professionals who were friendly and focused. I have no doubt that this is THE course to go for”.




“All the other courses seemed really corporate… This had some really good reviews and it seemed that it had real people that you could connect with.”



Mark“The standard of teaching has been absolutely phenomenal from start to finish.”



Discover How To Earn Two, Three or Even Four Times MORE Per Hour With The Most In-Demand Training Tool On The Market!

  • Do you want to discover a huge variety of fun, new exercises that will keep your clients excited and coming back for more?

  • Do you want to learn new skills that will set you apart from your competition and make you the go-to fitness professional in your area?
  • Do you want to master kettlebell training and become an expert in one of the fitness industry’s hottest markets?

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moneybackThat’s correct. If you’re not totally satisfied with FFC’s Sydney Kettlebell Courses, then I INSIST you ask for a 100% ‘no question asked money back refund’.

That’s how confident I am of the high level of teaching, great content and new ideas you’ll discover.

Just send an email to within 7 days of your course and we’ll refund your payment… no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Daniel Clay
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Sydney, Australia

P.S. There is absolutely ZERO RISK to you in attending our Brisbane Kettlebell CEC Courses. If you are not 100% satisfied with the skills and knowledge you’ll discover during your kettlebell certification, just send an email to within 7 days of your course and we’ll refund your payment… no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

P.P.S. Remember – To ensure you receive the best level of coaching and maximum value from the certification, we strictly limit our courses to 10 people. Once all 10 spots are filled we’ll be closing the doors and you will miss out – book your spot today to avoid disappointment.

Lizzy“The quality of the teaching has been exceptional… overall, I can't say good enough things about it”



Brad“The course definitely exceeded my expectations, it was very good!”



Philip“The course has given me a new lease of life”.



Diana“The tutors were excellent… really, really, really, really helpful, serious and really professional. Anything I needed to know, any little question… they knew it”.



Gary“I've got my certificate so I can now have a more progressive role in the gym… this is really what I want to do”.



VIVI“I got so much help before and here, it's really unbelievable… I'm so happy!”



MICHAEL“The skills and what I’ve learnt is how to do it all properly. Here, I’ve learnt that I was doing things wrong, and I was taught to do them properly and how to teach them properly”



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